DrufelCNC 1.14

The new version of DrufelCNC 1.14 implements a choice of controller mode. This change applies to the STB 5100 series controllers. Now you can adjust the operation of your machine. For smooth rotation of the engines, select the appropriate “Original” or “Other” mode. The d ...

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DrufelCNC 1.12

The new version of DrufelCNC 1.12 includes support for CNC controllers of the NVCM series. Currently supported with 3 to 6 axes: 1. NVCM3v2.1 2. NVCM4v2.1 3. NVCM5v2.1 ...

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How to generate G-code in DrufelCNC

Hello! Today I want to talk in detail about the generation of G-code in the DrufelCNC. Let's go: 1. Open any graphic editor. We use the free vector graphics editor - Inkscape. 2. We need to draw any graphic object. First of all, we nee ...

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New version of DrufelCNC 1.11

The new version of the program has developed an algorithm for processing the logical limit of the axis when using one input port for the limit of the axis. An algorithm for generating a G-code from an image for laser engraving is developed. Supported image formats: png, jpeg, b ...

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10 amazing wood products

We have prepared for you a selection of 10 amazing wood products. 1. Baby stroller 2. Keyboard ...

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Wood sculpture

What kind of materials are not used by creative people, creating works of art. But the tree enjoys constant success. It’s really interesting to see how these skillful carvers turn a piece of wood into an expressive work of art. Wooden sculptures by Peter Demetz Unusual wood scu ...

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Main list of G-code

G-code is a CNC programming language. It is a set of consecutive commands that instruct the machine where and how to move. Sample text G-code A program written using G-code consists of frames, each frame contains a set of control commands. Below is a comp ...

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Main list of M-code

Codes with the address M are called auxiliary and are designed to control the operating modes of the machine. M-codes: Codes Description ...

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Modal and non-modal codes

G-codes are divided into 2 classes: modal commands (G-codes) and non-modal commands (G-codes). The difference lies in the ability to remain in the memory of the CNC system. Modeless G-codes are valid only in the frame in which they are located. Modal G codes can be stored in the ...

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G-codes: G00

G00 is an accelerated move command. Code G00 is used to perform accelerated movement to a specific point. Accelerated movement is necessary to quickly move the cutting tool to the machining position or to the safe position. Movement is carried out as fast as possible. Accelerate ...

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