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Wood sculpture


What kind of materials are not used by creative people, creating works of art. But the tree enjoys constant success. It’s really interesting to see how these skillful carvers turn a piece of wood into an expressive work of art.

Wooden sculptures by Peter Demetz

Unusual wood sculptures are created by Italian artist Peter Demetz. Demetz’s precise and perfect mastery of human anatomy makes his sculptures look like paintings or sketches, and his wonderful compositions and sense of perspective help perpetuate this illusion.

The “living” wooden people of Bruno Walpoth

Bruno Walpot is a sculptor from Italy. He prefers to use linden and walnut, and not just because it is easy to process. The color of this tree is the closest to the color of human skin, and since the tree is a living and warm material, the sculpture will be just as warm, bright and pleasant to the touch.

Wooden sculptures by Mario Dilitz

Mario Dilitz sculptor from Austria. Most of the sculptures are made in real size from high quality laminated wood. However, some tree species are not as durable as Mario would have liked, so in some cases he has to resort to mahogany.

Magical sculptures of Willy Verginer

Looking at the work of Italian sculptor Willy Verginer, it is hard to believe that he works with wood. Specifically - with linden. Human figures in his performance look almost alive, in addition, Verginer adheres to natural proportions. The only difference is the surreal stories that hide behind an incredibly convincing shell.

Spoiled sculptures of Aron Demrtz

The sculptures that Aron Demetz manufactures in his workshop enchant with their stunning realism. These strange sculptures, with bodies sometimes idealized and sometimes damaged, bring a real consideration to the place of the human face to its natural environment.

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