Applicable to all versions of DrufelCNC software and support for Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows 8, Windows 10 operating system.
Product Feature:
- Simultaneously control 4 stepper motors
- With LV8727 stepper motor driver(4-channel, 4A ,128 microsteps)
- New designed Aluminum cooling fins to make the whole driver system more stable
- The board can be equipped with RS2332 manual control box so that user can control motors' movement without PC software
- Spindle control port has PWM Mod(0%-100% dutycycle with 12Vpp)and voltage Mod(0-10V)
- Spindle speed feed back port-INDEX
- There is a power autostability system on the board. When USB port overvoltage or undervoltage or within other EMI, this system can ensure the board getting stable power input
- he board is equipped with high speed interface chips to make stepper driver signals more stable
- USB protection chip,which can protect the USB input system from high voltage EMI
- USB communication interface, and power supply for the board

DrufelCNC controller manual

Download user manual for cnc usb motion controller DDMD4V1.

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