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How to connect Emergency Stop button and Probe?


In this article, we will look at an example of connecting the Emergency Stop button and Probe and also configure DrufelCNC.
Emergency Stop button is a safety device that allows the CNC machine to be turned off instantly to prevent accidents.
The CNC Probe is a measuring device for use on milling machines.
The probe is used to determine the length, depth, curvature of the workpiece surface, set zero points, etc. Probe allows you to correctly position the workpiece, clamping devices and evaluate the correct processing of the finished part.
So let's connect the Emergency Stop button and Probe to the CNC controller.
Let's connect the Emergency Stop button to Input №1 and the Probe to Input №2.
In the DrufelCNC settings, in the Input Ports tab, set the following parameters:
Emergency stop - 1
Probe - 2
The Emergency Stop button can operate in a normally closed or normally open mode.
In most cases, inversion must be enabled when the Emergency Stop button is normally closed.
Disable inversion when the Emergency Stop button is normally open.
Connecting the Emergency Stop button in normally closed mode is the preferred and reliable connection method.
Because a break in the signal wire will immediately identify the malfunction of the Emergency Stop button.