Applicable to all versions of DrufelCNC software and support for Windows XP, Windows 7 32/64bit, Windows 8, Windows 10 operating system.
- Support for CNC controlled 4-Axis, can connect four stepper motor drivers or servo drivers.
- USB PORT, thIS INTERFACE IS connected to the computer through a USB line. You can use the software DrufelCNC to control this board, nnote that you should use a USB2.O cable with shielding and ferrite core and cable length should be not more than 2 meters.
- 5V General input port, IN1-12,The interface uses opto-isolated, using common positive input, COM is used as the common port.
- High 8 general IO out interface, have a current drive capability within 10MA.
- 5V General Input poprt IN13-IN26, it`s a 2.54mm double pin port.
- The Yellow input terminals is power input within 15-36VDC.
- 2 ralay output.

DrufelCNC controller manual

Download user manual for cnc usb motion controller DDUM4.

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