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3 steps from idea to finished product


In this article, we will consider 3 stages of work, with the sequential execution of which you will be able to get a finished part from the workpiece. For each stage, we will use a separate appropriate software. So, let's begin!

Stage № 1 - draw the detail.

We embody the idea of the project. It is important to remember that the material of the future part (workpiece) should make it possible to make plans.

Task - draw a detail
Decision - draw the product in the CAD system.

The choice of the program depends on what format your future product should be.
2D details
If you need to engrave an inscription or any image in 2D format or cut out a flat part, such graphic programs as CorelDraw, Inkscape will help you.

2D details
Sculptural modeling

In such programs, the required model of a part is obtained from a free-form body. It's like hand sculpting.
Usually they use programs: Blender, 3D Max, Silo3d.

Modeling shapes with accurate dimensions
CAD systems are used to manufacture parts with precise dimensions.
CAD systems are used when working with drawings, graphs and lists related to construction and design-engineering.
Usually they use programs: SolidWorks, Fusion360.

Stage № 2 - explain to the machine how to process the workpiece to obtain a part

After receiving the model, you need to explain to the machine how (at what speed, with what tool, and most importantly, along what trajectory) to process the workpiece to obtain the planned part. All this is called a technological process. CAM systems are used to write the technical process.

Task - explain to the machine how to process the part
Decision - write a technical process in a CAM system

In the CAM system, the trajectory of the tool movement is determined, then this information is translated into a specialized language of G codes, which is understood by CNC machines. A post-processor is used to output the trajectory from the CAM system to the G-code. The post processor outputs commands in G codes that are understandable specifically for your CNC machine.

Stage № 3 - starting processing on the machine

Task - get the part on the machine
Decision - start the processing program on the machine

The CNC machine is connected to a personal computer. A program for controlling CNC machines - DrufelCNC is installed on the computer.

DrufelCNC turns your laptop or personal computer into a CNC machine control station.
In this case, the type of CNC machine does not play a role, it can be a milling or turning, laser engraving or plasma cutting machine. It is worth noting that DrufelCNC is perfectly used both on professional equipment and on homemade CNC machines.