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Update. New version - DrufelCNC 1.16.


New version of DrufelCNC 1.16

The new version of DrufelCNC 1.16 implements support for G50, G51, G68, G69, G80, G81, G82, G98, G99, G90.1, G91.1.

G50 and G51 commands - zoom mode. The G51 command allows you to use the zoom mode in numerical control systems. The G50 command allows you to cancel the scaling mode with numerical control systems (CNC) of machines.

G68 command is rotation of the coordinate system. The G68 command is used to perform rotation (rotation) of the coordinate system by a certain angle.

G69 command is used to cancel the rotation of the coordinate system by a certain angle.

G80 - Cancellation of drilling, boring, threading cycles
G81 - Simple Drilling Cycle
G82 - Drilling with chip breaking
G98 - Return to initial Z level in canned cycle
G99 - Return to R level in canned cycle
G90.1 - Absolute distance mode for I , J and K offsets
G91.1 - Incremental distance mode for I, J and K offsets

Also in the new version the program interface has been updated. Now you can add a grid in the 3D models window and see the movement and position of the spindle.

The G code window has also changed. Now, each line displays a number, and in the process of running the G-codes of the program, the executed line is highlighted.

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