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How to connect an proximity sensor NPN?

proximity_sensor Proximity sensor are widely used in industrial electronics. The proximity sensor is discrete. The signal at its output appears when metal is present in the specified zone.

There are PNP and NPN sensors.
The difference between PNP and NPN sensors is that they switch different poles of the power supply. PNP (“Positive”) switches the positive output of the power supply, NPN - the negative.

In our example, we explain how to connect the sensor to the NPN BSMCE04U controller.
You need to connect like this:
Sensor - BSMCE04U
blue (BU) - DCM
brown (BN) - 24V
black (BK) - in1

Next, connect the controller to the power supply as follows:
Power supply - BSMCE04U
«+» - 24В
«-» - DCM

Select the power supply voltage based on the voltage rating of your sensor.

Final connection diagram: