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How to generate G-code in DrufelCNC


Hello! Today I want to talk in detail about the generation of G-code in the DrufelCNC. Let's go:

1. Open any graphic editor. We use the free vector graphics editor - Inkscape.

2. We need to draw any graphic object. First of all, we need to set the canvas size correctly. Select the item "File" -> "Document Properties" (or press the key combination Shift + Ctrl + D). Next, we resize the canvas: Width: 300 mm; Height: 180 mm.

3. Next, create an arbitrary picture.

4. For consistent operation of the CNC machine, we build the layers in a logical order.

5. Save the picture in the format of HP Graphics Language Plot file (.plt)

Note! If you encounter an error while saving the document in plt format, make sure that you have UniConvertor installed.

6. Open the saved file in DrufelCNC. Set the necessary parameters.

7. Done!

Try the new version of DrufelCNC 1.11

Watch a detailed video on our Youtube channel