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Axes Settings


To configure a stepper motor or servo, go to the settings and go to the Axes settings tab.

To display an axis in the coordinate list, press:

To set the number of pulses per millimeter, press:

Calibration function can be used for calculation. To do this, you need to click on the button:

To set the maximum axis speed, press:
To set a smooth acceleration of the axis movement, press:

To change the direction of movement of the axis, press:
Invert the step signal when transmitting axis movement commands by pressing:
To set the ball screw backlash, press:

To define a slave axis, press:

A slave axis can be defined for an axis. Then the driven axis will move with the current.
Set the required number of pulses for each axis. Save the settings. Specify the representation of the axes if necessary. Use the inversion setting to reverse the direction of rotation of the motor.